Lunch from Early Last Week

lunch from last weekI’m not doing as well at blogging as I’d hoped, but I’m happy with my training thus far. I’m able to ride 20 miles, run 5k… and swim in a straight line without drowning, although breathing is still very difficult for me. I continue to find that what calories I consume impact my weight more than what calories I burn.

I’m taking 2-3 salads like this each week. Last week I had this salad one day, a very similar salad after that, then leftover lentils. I also ate a salad from Chop’t and a salmon wrap from Pret a Manger (a walking lunch).

Lunch in a Jar & Austin’s New Personal Blog

Lunch, March 19th

Lunch, March 19th

This is actually the fifth such salad I’ve eaten, but the first one I’ve posted. Thanks to Molly for the jar idea, and Frank for telling me to eat two salads a day for awhile if I want to complete a triathlon.

Brief note about this blog—I’ve had many iterations of a personal blog over the years, which have generally been about web development. These days I do that writing on my company’s blog, so don’t expect much of that here. The blog itself is hosted on, a platform I work with every day on much larger sites like and

My brother says that triathletes are incapable of talking about anything but triathlons. I’ve found that he’s right, so far, and I’m not even a triathlete yet. So this blog will be about training for a triathlon, at least for now. I’m doing the New York City Triathlon on August 3rd, through Team in Training. Obviously I want to document my progress here, but I also want to learn how to quantify what I eat and how I perform during training.